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Wedding Fashion Trends

Let's face it one of the first questions you get asked when your talking about a recent wedding you attended is "What was her dress like?" Yet that's not the only question anymore the guys are getting into the fashion act the straight up tuxedos are not cutting it anymore.

Add in the fact that you could have two brides or two grooms the fashion could be all over the place.

Here's the skinny from a planner, for all you brides and grooms, Wear what you want! Yes, I just said it. If you want to wear that god awful retro 80's powder blue suit. We will all suffer and let you have your enjoyment. If you want to be a stylish groom and color h try Velvet jacket in a deep red. Or a jewel tone suit in green or burgundy. Make a statement but be in this decade.

Brides you can do no wrong the dress or suit you want will always be right. Although color seems to be a trend lately. Blush pink and Ice blue seem to be hot right now. Yet again brides you can have whatever you want. That will always be my rule.

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