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Wedding Etiquette For the Modern Day

In this modern day, many of the wedding traditions and etiquette standards have gone by the wayside but this planner still thinks there are are few that will and should never change.

Bridal Party Gifts

If you are having a bridal party you need to give them each a gift, they do not have to be the same gift as one gift might not apply to all. For instance, an engraved gold bracelet might not work if one of the brides attendants is her best guy pal or someone is allergic to gold. Plus a personalized gift means so much more. The gifts should be in a similar monetary value range.

Wedding Officiant is Invited to the Reception

This is always a must even if it ends up being some one you don't really know because you are having a non- religious ceremony. You should always extend an invitation to the reception for them and a guest.

Thank You Notes

It may seem overwhelming in this modern day when an email will be just fine but a hand written personalized Thank You note is a must. I understand it can seem even more daunting if you are having a large wedding of 300-400 guests. Many guests will send gifts in advance write them as the gifts come in. You can send the thank you note within several months after your wedding, its ok.

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