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Thanksgiving the "Big Meal" Avoiding the Stress

There's a great deal of debate when Thanksgiving should be served for many people it's early afternoon and for others it's the evening meal. It's a casual day spent in Pajamas watching football and maybe putting up Christmas Decorations. Unless you me and your tree has been up since November 1st, which it totally has.

At it's heart Thanksgiving is a time for family and food so it doesn't matter if the meal is fancy or simple. It does not matter if you are serving on china or your every day plates. Although this planner does draw the line at a paper plate, don't hate me but even if you have a huge group of people please get the fancy disposable plates, its still an event.

A few tips to avoid the stress and enjoy the day

  1. Plan your meal in advance. Decide exactly what you want to serve. Collect the recipes, if you are trying something new test it out first, not on the holiday.

  2. Go Shopping Early, at least 2 weeks early. Or now! The stores are stocked with front displays already. Do not try to buy 24-48 hours before the holiday or you will lose your mind. I know you are saying, "I don't have the space in my fridge or house". As you are cleaning for the company that is coming (We know you are doing it, just admit it) create some space in your cupboards.

  3. Plan and Design how you want your table to look. Decide the plates, glass wear, table cloth everything in advance. If you need to buy because your guest count is higher than in the past do it early. This eliminates your rushing around last minute.

The Day of

  1. Clean as you GO! Clean as you GO! I can not say that enough. People and even chefs and caterers have complain about the mess in kitchens when they are preparing private intimate dinners. Clean as you GO.

  2. Send your guests home with leftovers, they may decline but if you are already prepared with a "ToGo" box they will take it with a smile. When I say a to go box I do mean the nice plastic containers w all have way to many of in our cupboards. You know the ones I mean. Or Buy the cute holiday design (hint the Dollar Store sells some great one's).

  3. Have Fun! Sometimes those of us who host a party forget to enjoy it because we are busy making sure everyone is having a good time, has enough food and drink or cleaning. Being a good host dose not mean you sacrifice enjoying the party too.

  4. Order out! Yep the biggest stress reliever of all order your dinner, less dishes, less running around and way more fun.

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