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It's Christmas!!!

Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday season. I know the rest of the world thinks that it should officially start today after Thanksgiving but my decorations were up the 1st of November.

My love of Christmas comes naturally from my mom, family and friends called her "Mrs. Santa Clause" for most of my life. We have always had 60+ days of Christmas, the decorations and music starts the first week of November and does not stop until January 6th (Twelfth Night). I love the lights and designing my house. All my decorations go in new places every year. I change my table designs, serving dishes and my tree. I love Christmas!

Sometimes I think we spend too much time trying to make everything look perfect and yes making thing looks perfect is my job. I know that, but stress about it in my house is not what I want. I enjoy making Christmas decorations enjoyable. I love watching the lights on my tree with a cup of cocoa, anyone else?

No matter how you celebrate or what holiday, make sure that it reflects you in your home. One of my absolute Christmas obsession is ornaments it is the one thing I buy whenever I travel. I have ornaments from all across the US and the World. In many ways my tree is a travel trough my life adventures. It's my style.

Happy Holidays!

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