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Holiday Weddings, Should I?

Having a your wedding during the holidays is a great idea. Just be prepared there are going to be some guests who may not join you because of standing plans or the higher expense of travel. Here are a few ideas for planning a wedding around a holiday.

First it doesn't matter what holiday, we are in the most festive holiday season of Halloween into Thanksgiving then Christmas. However if you have always wanted a 4th of July themed Wedding of Red, White and Blue go for it.

A few things to keep in mind and if you haven't figured it out by now I do tend to disagree with some planners. I love traditions but I do like knocking them off kilter a little.

  • Add Extra festive activities to your wedding weekend around the theme of the holiday. Halloween is almost here so if you are planning a Till Death do You part theme. Allow the guests to bring their children and have a separate costume party for the kids. A few child caregivers, a child friendly Halloween movie and the adults get to party away. We know kids love wearing their costumes as much as possible.

  • Let's say you chose Christmas, most planners and even your family will say just do subtle touches of the holiday. I disagree, there a reason you chose the December date near the holiday probably because you wanted the festive theme to be a part of it. GO FOR IT. Maybe stay away from plastic Santa's but have the Winter Wonderland, Red, Green, Gold that you want.

  • Don't be offended when guests tell you they can not attend do to family obligations. Many people standing holiday plans, visiting the family cabin, a standing family reunion etc. So your wedding date around a holiday could conflict. Accept it gracefully and move on.

  • Holidays can be expensive for travel so try to find affordable hotel room blocks and several price points so your guests have options.

  • Provide ample notice so that guests can make plans. Send out Save the Dates at least a year in advance. Email, Snail Mail or Carrier Pigeon just send it!


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