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Budget Planning

We all hate having the budget conversations, but before you start planning an event determine your Budget. Finding out in the middle of planning that you can't afford something you want and have seen can be upsetting. So before you event start planning determine what you really have to spend.


This is where a planner can help you because we can make sure you don't forget to account for something. It may sound odd and crazy but I have had a bride or two forgot to account for their dress in their total budget. It's not a separate budget item, it's in the total budget.

Once you determine your budget you start planning what you want to have; food, décor, attire, invitations etc. Write everything down you can think of that you might want at your event, you may end up not having it but account for it.

It's certainly not the most fun part of event planning but it is one of the most important or you get a rough surprise in the end.

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