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5 Things to Avoid the Week Before your Wedding

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The week before your wedding is exciting but you can also have a list of last minute things to do. As a bride, get your nails done, the groom may be doing a lot of picking up and errands. Here are few things to NOT put on the to do list.

  • Do NOT Change your Hair - Don't try a new hair color or cut it the week of your wedding. I know you saw a fantastic picture in a magazine or on TV. Don't do it. You have no idea how the color will oxidize and be on your day. It could look great day one but 3 days later on your wedding day it's not what you want at all. You already had your hair trial with your stylist, you picked your style and it goes with your dress and veil if your wearing one. Your professional stylist knows what they are doing trust them, that's why you hired them.

  • Avoid Alcohol - I know your saying, "But I want to celebrate" and I get it. Alcohol can add extra pounds and can make your face look puffy. If you do drink limit your consumption or follow each drink with a glass of water it helps flush your system.

  • Do Not Try a new exercise plan - if you don't already lift weights the week before your wedding is not the time to start. First you could hurt yourself and lets be honest it will not change that drastically in two days. So if your goal is to lose weight before your wedding be you a bride or groom. Start at least 6 months before so you have a healthy routine in place.

  • Do Not Starve yourself - Keep eating a healthy diet. Again if you goal is to lose weight before the wedding work out a healthy meal plan several months before. Not eating the week of your wedding could mean you will be weak, not as mentally sharp. It can also lead to you possibly passing out during the rehearsal dinner or even the ceremony. When you are lacking the nutrients from being hungry and your emotions are high from the excitement, you just might meet the floor. (True story, I've had both brides, grooms and bridesmaids pass out at the alter).

  • Do Not Go to a Spray Tan Booth - I know you want to have that "magic glow" booths can be hard to get the right tone and all over coverage. If you want the tan go to a professional spa, yes its more expensive but the results are better or go sun bathing 12-15 days before your wedding so your skin has adjusted to the "glow".

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